The Avengers in TV Comic

TV Comic logo from the cover of issue 720

The Avengers strip in TV Comic made its first appearance with the debut of Mrs. Peel - the first story began in issue 720, dated October 2nd 1965, concurrent with the debut of Mrs. Peel on selected screens around the nation.  After issue 771 - dated September 24th 1966 - there was a hiatus after 52 issues when the rights were sold to D.C. Thomson for their celebrated Avengers strip in the pages of Diana comic but, with the coming of Tara King, the strip made a reappearance in issue 877 dated October 5th 1968 (just under two weeks after Tara had made her TV debut) and ran for 201 issues until its final appearance in issue 1078, dated August 5th 1972.

Steed and Mrs Peel from TV Comic #731 Steed and Tara King from TV Comic #885
Emma Peel era Tara King era
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