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Credits and Thanks

Publications used in the creation of this site: Timescreen #21, The Timescreen Listing of British Telefantasy in Comics, various issues of On Target and Stay Tuned, Comics International, Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels by Roger Sabin, The International Book of Comics by Denis Gifford.

Thanks are due to Geoff Barlow, Dave "Catweazle Dave" Robinson, Lee Moone, Ian "THE Collection" Beasley, Alistair McGown, Alastair "Ying Tong Song" Roxburgh, David K. Smith, Derek "Marvelman" Wilson, Brian McDonald, Lew Stringer, Arndt-Heinz Marx, Daniel Cohen, David Edge, Laurent Chanut, Shaqui, Remco Admiraal and everybody I've ever traded TV Comic photocopies with - I hope it was worth it.

Site design by Sally Anderson.

The Avengers Illustrated is an unofficial, non-commercial site created and maintained by Mike Noon.  All scans and textual content are unique to this site and all copyright rests with the respective copyright holders.  The internet was created to provide free, direct access to vast amounts of information, and this site is published in that spirit. The Avengers Illustrated represents an enormous voluntary investment of time and effort, which is free for the viewing--but not for the taking. If for whatever reason you would like to use some of my material on your site, please contact me and I'm sure an arrangement can be made.

The Small Print: Thanks to David K. Smith for the small print.

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