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Steed and Mrs. Peel in TV Comic: Story Ten


Issues:767 to 771, August 27th to September 24th 1966.   Each part is one page.

Steed squares up to Wander the Wizard...Part One - Issue 767, August 27th 1966:
full details are not available for this issue.

Part Two - Issue 768, September 3rd 1966:

JOHN STEED and Mrs. Peel are trying to find out how British scientists are being kidnapped by a foreign power.  Professor Brand has disappeared in a stage conjuror's cabinet, and Steed has been coshed by one of the conjuror's henchmen, named Jacko...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Three - Issue 768, September 10th 1966:
JOHN STEED is disguised as Jacko, the assistant of Wander the Wizard.  The Wizard has made Mrs. Peel disappear, but Steed is convinced that she is still in his magic stage-cabinet...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Four - Issue 769, September 17th 1966:
STEED and Mrs. Peel are on the track of a villain known as Wander the Wizard who is causing British scientists to disappear out of the country.  Wander has made Mrs. Peel disappear as well, and Steed has found her unconscious in a coffin...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

...Mrs Peel sees off his henchmen

Part Five - Issue 770, September 24th 1966:
A SPY called Wander the Wizard is getting British scientists out of the country by making them disappear in a stage trick and putting them in coffins.  Mrs. Peel has put Wander in one of his own coffins when she is attacked by Wander's assistant, Jacko...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.


Steed and Mrs. Peel investigate the disappearance of British scientists.  Chief suspect is a stage conjuror, Wander the Wizard.

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