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I've had recent information regarding the reprints of the TV Comic Avengers strips in Spanish; the Chilean magazine Tele Guia featured reprints of the Peel era strips as early as April 1968. The Tara King example on the right is a newly-coloured panel from the strip which appeared in TV Comic #1025 (August 7th 1971), so this reprint must date from around that time or slightly later.

I've also been told that there were strips reprinted in the magazine 'Humo'. As these are identified as 'De Wrekers' I'm assuming that this was a Dutch magazine. As well as this there were apparently strips in the Belgian TV Magazine 'Moustique Tele'. Copies of any of these / dates / proof of the existence of these would be very welcome. See appeal below.


If you know of Avengers strips from any other countries, whether reprinted from UK sources or unique to that  country, please get in touch.  It would be surprising if there had been no Avengers comic strips in South America, Portugal or Spain, given the show's popularity in those places.