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Details from The Manchester Evening News, The Viewer, TV Post (Belfast) and Look Westward

Please note:  There were only 'on page' titles given to the first of The Avengers strips in The Manchester Evening News, but in the other three magazines which ran them there were titles for all four stories.  Recently I discovered that the story I had dubbed 'The Computer Menace' is in fact called 'The Runaway Brain'.  The scans are taken from a variety of sources, with some of the worst of The Manchester Evening News sourced strips coming from poorly-shot microfilm.  If you have access to better quality copies, please get in touch.  The dates and the number of parts specified below applies to the serials in The Manchester Evening News only.  Details for The Viewer and Look Westward are given within the individual story synopses.  For the first two stories the synopses come from The Manchester Evening News printings.  For the final two the details for The Viewer and Look Westward have been used because I have better copies of these, and because each includes a short 'story so far' paragraph which has been added (in italics) to the beginning of each section. One day, when I have copies of all the strips in their Look Westward, The Viewer or

The Avengers newspaper strip - Operation Harem

Story One: Operation Harem

9 parts between February 1st and March 28th 1964.

The Avengers newspaper strip - 'The Computer Menace'

Story Two: The Runaway Brain

10 parts between April 4th and June 7th 1964

The Avengers newspaper strip - Epidemic of Terror

Story Three: Epidemic of Terror

8 parts between June 14th and August 1st 1964

The Avengers newspaper strip - Quest For A Queen

Story Four: Quest For A Queen

8 parts between August 8th and September 26th 1964

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