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Story Four - 'Quest For A Queen'

Note: This story was called 'A Queen In Pawn' when published in TV Post (Belfast)

Story by John Malcolm. (NOTE: This is the only newspaper strip featuring any kind of credit).

November 2nd to December 7th 1963 in Look Westward and The Viewer
January 16th to February 20th 1964 in TV Post (Belfast)
August 8th to September 26th 1964 in The Manchester Evening News

Steed and Mrs Gale look strangely amorous

Part One - November 2nd 1963

...in which John Steed and lovely widow Cathy Gale go on a routine job - and are plunged into high adventure.

A special train moves across the deserted Scottish countryside in the middle of the night. Aboard is Queen Olivia of Richenstein, a small mid-European state. Steed and Mrs. Gale are among those on board. Steed is looking forward to three days grouse shooting in Scotland, but Mrs. Gale cautions him that this will not be the case if someone tries to follow up one of the assassination threats. A sudden jerking of the train lands Mrs. Gale in Steed's lap. The train has been diverted down a branch line and hurtles into another train. In the aftermath of the crash, Steed discovers that the guards hadn't been injured by the crash, they had been coshed earlier. Worse still, there is no sign of the Queen.

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Quest For A Queen - Part Two

Part Two - November 9th 1963

A special train carrying the Queen of Richenstein, here on a State Visit, is derailed. Steed and Cathy are also on the train.

Steed liaises with the Queen's security people, while Cathy heads off to a cottage she has spotted in order to get help. As she gets nearer she sees a light aircraft. It takes off, narrowly missing her. At the cottage, she sees the outline of a man holding a torch and calls to him that there has been an accident. He throws his torch at Cathy and dashes away.

Steed hears the noise and comes dashing up. Cathy gestures to him which way the man has just run. He dashes around the cottage and is dazzled by a fierce beam of light. Cathy dashes across and knocks him out of the path of a vehicle. On the ground, Cathy finds Queen Olivia's personal crest ring. It has become clear that the villains have flown - with the Queen.

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Part Three - November 16th 1963

Steed and Cathy are investigating the kidnapping of the Queen of Richenstein - who was snatched from the derailed royal train.

The Police have arrived at the scene of the derailed train. Steed tells Cathy that there are no clues at the crash scene, and that they should have another look at the cottage. Inside, there is a general scene of neglect. Steed observes that it is only used for a few months of the year, during the shooting season. It becomes clear that the kidnappers had waited here as there are several dimps on the floor. Steed picks one up and sniffs it. He says that it is a curious, expensive, blend.

Steed and Cathy return to London by air. The next morning, he tells her that a small plane has just been found burnt out in Kent - devoid of occupants. He also tells her that the dimp was from a cigarette specially made for Count Sergovan, who is always in the gossip columns, and that he is now off to see him.

At the Count's apartment, Steed has no luck. His butler says that he has gone away for several days. Steed perseveres and tracks down the Count later that night. Probed by Steed, he says that he was at a casino when the abduction took place, and that he had given ten thousand of his cigarettes away to charity - they were even turning up in Scotland. Steed makes his excuses, but he realises that the Count has mentioned Scotland with no prompting from the agent...

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Part Four - November 23rd 1963

Steed, trying to locate the kidnapped Queen of Richenstein, meets the mysterious Count Sergovan. Steed feels the Count is worth watching.

Its Steed!! Cathy gets dressed up to the nines and heads off to a casino the duo have discovered the Count is gambling at that evening. Cathy ingratiates herself into his company and, when a man calls to see him, she takes photographs with a mini spy camera. The Count tells the visitor that next time he steals his cigarettes, he should be more careful what he does with the stubs. Cathy is spotted by the Count, but she manages to bluff her way out of trouble by saying that she had become lonely.

Next afternoon, Cathy tells Steed that she will be going out with the Count again that evening. Steed is going to get Cathy's film processed. He tells her that the British Government has been told to break off all trade with Richenstein, or the kidnapped Queen will be assassinated. The main Richensteinian export to Great Britain is a very rare metal used in rocket research. The only other source is in South America, at twice the price, and from a company conveniently owned by Count Sergovan.

Steed leaves, asking Cathy to find out as much as she can about the Count. Unknown to the pair, they are being observed by the Count, who had decided to pay Cathy a visit. He suspects somebody is up to no good, so he calls an associate and asks him to plan an unfortunate 'accident'.

Later that night, the Count calls round for Cathy. He tells her that they are going to Soho, so she must expect a few surprises.

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Part Five - November 30th 1963

Steed, suspecting that Count Sergovan is behind the kidnapping of the Queen of Richenstein, sends Cathy to keep an eye on him. But unknown to them the Count is aware that Cathy's an undercover agent...

The Count and Cathy get out of his car in a dark alley in Soho. He tells her that the alley is too narrow and that they must walk to the end of it to get to the restaurant. As they move down, they are jumped by some men. Cathy fights back, but the Count is knocked out. A man pulls a dagger on Cathy and just as he is about to plunge it into her back Steed steps from the shadows and incapacitates him.

Steed has been following the man who Cathy had photographed the previous night. He is the captain of the Count's yacht. The man who had attempted to kill Cathy is dead. Steed can see that it is the Count's way of attempting to get an alibi. They decide to let him think that it has worked. Cathy lays on the ground, and Steed awakens the Count. He tells the Count that Cathy is dead.

Later, Cathy, very much alive, has changed from her evening dress into a leather fighting suit. She and Steed are heading for the Count's yacht.

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Steed and Peel worship The Box

Part Six - December 7th 1963

Steed, trying to locate the kidnapped Queen of Richenstein, fools the mysterious Count Sergovan by pretending Cathy is dead.  But unhurt, Cathy agrees to look over Sergovan's yacht with Steed.

Steed leaves Cathy watching on the jetty and arranges to signal her if he finds anything on board.  Using a rope to gain his entrance, Steed slips his way silently below deck.  He knocks out a guard and, finding the Queen in a cabin, ushers her towards the door.  They are stopped in their tracks by the Count.  He drives Steed and the Queen up onto the deck at gunpoint.   The Count says that he is going to set sail with the Queen as hostage.   Unbeknownst to him, Cathy has snuck onboard and clobbers him from behind.  He falls from the deck and is crushed between the yacht and the harbourside.  Cathy holds the crew at bay with a gun while the Queen escapes with Steed.  Later, Steed and Cathy are watching the Queen's parade and TV and are ruing the fact that the anonymity of their positions is keeping them away from the sumptuous banquet to follow.

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