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The United States of America

The best-known reprint of Avengers comic strips must be the 1968-published Gold Key comic, John Steed Emma Peel (no 'and'), which features two stories taken from TV Comic and redisplayed in colour.  The comic has a fantastic three colour cover featuring an image from 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station'.

There exists a variant cover for this comic, which features photographs of Steed and Mrs Peel on the inside front covers and an Avengers pin-up on the back.  The stories reprinted are 'The Roman Invasion' from TV Comic issues 756 to 760, and 'The Mirage Maker' from issues 761 to 766.  Note that neither of these TV Comic Avengers strips was given an 'on-page' title, so these two titles were probably invented by the editors at Gold Key.

Gold Key comic cover
Alternative Gold Key comis back page poster
John Steed Emma Peel front cover
Alternative Back Cover
Gold Key alternative inside cover
Alternative inside back cover
Alternative Inside Front Cover
  When catastrophe threatens Merrie England, two groovy agents stand ever ready to do it in! John Steed, jaunty, debonair, the very model of a proper British gentleman and Emma Peel, hip, with-it and a very mod judo swinger.  
Alternative Inside Back Cover
  In a game where the stakes are high, where there's many a deal off the bottom of the deck and trump is - death!  

The other US Avengers comic was the co-production, with the British ACME comics company, Steed and Mrs. Peel, which was published between 1990 and 1992. A little more detail is available here.

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