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The Avengers - German comic #1     The Avengers - German comic #2

As in Holland, the Thorpe and Porter-published The Avengers comic was reprinted as two separate issues in Germany.  In Germany, the two issues were issues 1 and 2 of the "bsv" (Bildschriften Verlag) published Krimi Klassiker title.  Also published under this imprint in Germany were the adventures of The Saint, Danger Man and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

In the first issue, the two stories reprinted were 'Die Mohock-Bande' ('The Mohocks' in the Thorpe & Porter comic) and '"M" steht für Mord' ('The K Stands For Killers' in the Thorpe & Porter comic).  The translation from German to English was textual only, the only changes in the art coming to translate the English signs into German.  The second reprint has a cover produced just for this version and the Dutch version.   The two stories reprinted were ''Jagd Ohne Gnade' ('No Judge, No Jury' in the Thorpe & Porter comic) and 'Tödliche Wirkung' ('Deadly Efficient' in the Thorpe & Porter comic).  This was also published in 1967.

There were also reprints of two TV Comic strips in the German Teen magazine Bravo. The first of these was taken from TV Comic issues 877 to 883 (October 5th 1968 to November 16th 1968). The German version was entitled "Die Flucht aus dem Geisterschloss", which translates as 'Flight from the Ghost Castle'. This appeared in Bravo #35 (August 24 1970) through #40 (September 28, 1970). Each issue featuring a one-page, recoloured version of the Tom Kerr black and white originals. The second story was entitled "In den Klauen des Magiers" (In the Claws of the Magician) and was published in Bravo issues# 41 (October 5 1970) through #46 (November 9, 1970). At the moment, though, I'm not sure which story this was. My helpful contact, Mr. Remco Admiraal of the Netherlands, identified these issues of Bravo. If you know of any more,I'd be very grateful if you'd get in touch.

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