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TV Classics - De Wrekers - One  TV Classics - De Wrekers - Two

There were a number of Avengers comic books published in Holland, where The Avengers is known as as De Wrekers.  The first of these was a reprint of the first two stories from the 1966 UK Comic, The Avengers, published by Thorpe & Porter.  This reprint was issue number 2103 of a series called TV Classics, which was published in 1967 by Classics Nederland N.V.  The two stories reprinted were 'Mohocks' ('The Mohocks' in the Thorpe & Porter comic) and 'De K-Club' ('The K Stands For Killers' in the Thorpe & Porter comic).  The translation from Dutch to English was textual only, the only changes in the art coming to translate the English signs into Dutch.  The second reprint from the Thorpe & Porter comic was published as TV Classics number 2106.  This has a cover unique to this version.   The two stories reprinted were ''N Dolle Rechter!' ('No Judge, No Jury' in the Thorpe & Porter comic) and 'Op Hoog Niveau!' ('Deadly Efficient' in the Thorpe & Porter comic).  This was also published in 1967.

Steed en Peel - De Wrekers  Steed and Peel - The Avengers
Spot the difference: Steed and Mrs Peel in De Wrekers and The Avengers

'Emma Peel' Annual from HollandThere was also a further Emma Peel era comic published in Holland - this used the cover of the first Tara King Annual published in the UK.  The stories in it were 'Steed's Vakantie', 'De Wrekers', 'Vilegende Adelaars' and 'Een Onaangenaam Weeken' (which featured Steed and Mrs Peel and were reprints of the four strips in the UK Emma Peel Annual) and 'Kleren Maken De Man' (which featured Steed in a solo story in which he appears to be driving an MG Midget rather than his usual vintage mode of transport) which was a reprint of one of the strips from the first Tara King Annual (the book this comic took its cover from).

If you look carefully at the cover and compare it to the cover of the UK Annual you can see that the hair on the female character has been adjusted to make it look more like Mrs Peel.


Televisie Favorieten nummer 8Tara King made her Dutch comic appearance in issue eight of Televisie Favorieten from 1970.  This card bound issue featured six reprints from TV Comic, which were coloured in, slightly redrawn (the backgrounds were often dropped out and illustrations were enlarged) and laid out to fit the different shape of the page.   The stories were 'Moordanslag onder Hypnose!', which featured a story reprinted from TV Comic issues 902 to 907, 'Costuums voor Juwelen' from issues 908 to 913, 'Kroonjuwelen Bedreigd' from issues 914 to 920, 'Vredelievende Geweldenaars' from issues 921 to 927, 'Inboorlingen in Engleland' from issues 928 to 934, and 'De Beruchte Heksen Conventie!' from issues 935 to 941.  This run suggests that there may have been an issue of Televisie Favorieten previous to this which featured the Tara King-era strips from TV Comic issues 877 to 901.  Note that, apart from one story, 'Seeds of Destruction', none of the TV Comic The Avengers strips were given an 'on-page' title.

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