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The Avengers in Diana comic

Diana Rigg on the cover of Diana #204



The Avengers strip in issues 199 to 224 of the D.C. Thomson-published Diana comic is considered by many to be the acme of the comic book appearances of the show, with many people drawing attention to the quality of the art.  According to David A. Roach in a letter to Comics International in September 2000, 'the strip's principal artist was Emilio Frejo, who was helped out by his fellow Bermejo studio member Juan Gonzalez Alacrejo on about half the episodes'.   Roach also waxes lyrical about the art on many of the other strips in Diana contemporary to The Avengers.  The art is, indeed, wonderfully detailed, and utilises photo-reference material skilfully without drawing too much attention away from the story.   The stories themselves, however, are as much a hodge podge of stale SF and children's' comic book clichés as their much-criticised cousins in TV Comic.   The exception is probably the final story, which pits Steed and Emma in mortal combat against several of their most diabolical enemies, and has something of a 'Dressed To Kill' or 'Superlative Seven' feel about it.

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