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The Avengers in Diana comic: Story Six

Part One - Issue 216, April 7th.

In which some light is shed on the subject - with frightening results!
"THE AVENGERS", John Steed and Emma Peel, were spending a quiet evening watching television.  It was Steed's idea.

Steed and Mrs Peel are watching television. One of Steed’s old friends, Tom Partridge, is due to appear on a programme examining a weird new discovery. The programme begins with a shot of a perfectly docile rabbit sitting The Avengers - Diana #216in a cage. Professor Klein shines a powerful beam on it. Suddenly, the rabbit began acting like a ferocious animal, clawing and biting at its cage. Partridge argues that the Professor could have drugged the animal beforehand. Mrs Peel feels that Tom Partridge made the Professor look rather silly. Steed tells her that she can find out the full story the following evening as Tom has invited them round for dinner.

The next night the pair arrive at Partridge’s country home. They are surprised to find the front door wide open. In the library, their host is lying on the floor, his hands and face badly cut. As they began to bandage his wounds they quizzed him as to who was responsible. Partridge pointed behind Steed, indicating his two pet dogs. Normally quiet and friendly, they looked ferocious, teeth bared and eyes glazed. Steed kept them at bay with his opened umbrella, and Mrs Peel helped him to shepherd them into a large cupboard.

Steed and Mrs. Peel get the doctor round, and tell Tom that they’ll stay the night to ensure he comes to no harm. Little do they know that in a zoo close by two sleeping gorillas are being dosed by a piercing beam of light. Suddenly possessed with ferocious strength, they wrench open the bars of their cage and, as if controlled by some strange force, they head straight for Partridge’s home.

Part Two - Issue 217, April 14th.

Growling gorillas - deadly dogs - crazy cats and fearsome fish!
THE "AVENGERS," John Steed and Emma Peel, are staying at the country home of Steed's friend, Tom Partridge.  Unknown to the AVENGERS, they are being watched from outside by two ferocious gorillas, which are under the strange influence of an unusual beam - The Antagoniser - invented by a certain Professor Klein, who is out to eliminate Partridge for laughing at his invention on a television programme.

The Avengers - Diana #217The two possessed gorillas climb up the outside of Partridge’s house and crash through the window of his bedroom. Steed and Mrs. Peel rush to his aid. She holds them at bay with a chair while Steed grabs a fire extinguisher from the wall and aims a jet of foam straight into their faces. The foam bewilders and blinds the animals so that there is time for their keepers to come from the zoo and help to subdue them.

Steed and Mrs Peel tell Tom to lock up well and head back into London to investigate who or what is causing the current trouble. In a hall near Mrs. Peel’s flat, a pet show was in full swing. Unseen by the owners, Professor Klein doses the pets with the rays from his machine, this time hidden inside a camera. They react with violence and fury, attacking anyone in sight, then dashing outside to disrupt traffic. Mrs Peel’s Lotus Elan is one of the cars forced to screech to a halt. As she does, she notices a figure striding past in dark glasses and a hat. She recognises him as Professor Klein.

Later that night, Steed and Mrs Peel decide to make a visit to the Professor’s home. In the darkness of the garden, Mrs Peel takes the wrong step and falls into the fish pond. As she hit the water, it begins to froth and bubble as thousands of tiny fish swim to attack her.

Part Three - Issue 218, April 21st.

Ambushed - by a herd of cows!
THE 'Avengers', John Steed and Emma Peel, are investigating a certain Professor Klein and his weird new invention - The Antagoniser - a beam which can control animals and turn the most peaceful creature into a ferocious fury.  One dark night, in the grounds of the professor's house, Mrs Peel falls into what looks like an innocent goldfish pond - when suddenly the fish begin to attack her.

Steed pulls Mrs Peel out of the pondThe Avengers - Diana #218 with the aid of his brolly. They enter the Professor’s house via a basement window. Inside, there are cages and cages of animals all crammed in for the Professor’s experiments. Upstairs, they spot a light coming from a room. As they peek in, two ferocious dogs pounce. They fight them off in vain, and the dogs are preparing for the kill when a voice tells them to back off. It is Professor Klein, who has a gun levelled at the pair.

The Professor recognises them as friends of Tom Partridge. He tells them that Partridge will not live through the night. As he ushers Steed and Mrs. Peel into his laboratory Steed swings at the Professor with his umbrella, knocking the gun to the ground. Mrs Peel stuns him and Steed begins investigating the Professor’s machine. Steed finds the button which reverses the effects of the ray, and aims it at the two dogs. They revert to gentle household pets.

As the Professor will be unconscious for a while yet, they head off to Tom Partridge’s home. At the gates they meet Steed’s friend, who was just about to go for a walk as he couldn’t sleep. In the distance they hear a terrific rumbling. To their astonishment it is a herd of cows, possessed by the Professor’s beam and hell-bent on trouble. The trio climb a tree to avoid being stomped. As the cows prepare for a second charge Steed uses the anti-antagoniser ray on them.

Later, Professor Klein is taken away by the police.

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