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The Avengers in Diana comic: Story Four

Part One - Issue 209, February 18th 1967.

Vengeance of the Vikings!
"THE AVENGERS", John Steed and Mrs Emma Peel, arrive at the Norfolk Broads for a quiet week-end's fishing.

The Avengers - Diana #209Steed and Mrs Peel are visiting the Norfolk Broads for a quiet week-end’s fishing. When they attempt to hire a boat, the owner is strangely reluctant. He explains that he has lost two boats recently – they have vanished with their crews on the Broads. He has a change of heart, and lets the pair hire a boat. They move off into a quiet part of the Broads and begin fishing. Mrs Peel gets a ‘bite’, but when she lands her catch it turns out to be a body. They pull the body aboard and start to head back to the village.

Suddenly, the boat’s engines cut out. They have run out of fuel. Mrs Peel worries that they may have to row back to the harbour. The boat drifts for a while until a light begins to emerge in the distance. As it gets closer, Steed and Mrs Peel are astounded to see that it is a Viking longboat, crewed by sword and axe-wielding Vikings. The longboat crashes into the Avengers’ boat, knocking them into the water.

The pair swim to the shore, confused. The Vikings continue on. Their destination turns out to be a nearby air base. The Vikings jump the guards and make their way into the main hangar. It is obvious that they know exactly what they are looking for. In the meantime, Steed and Mrs Peel have also arrived at the base. They discover the prone bodies of the sentries, and suddenly they are jumped themselves by a pair of Vikings who had been hiding in the shadows. Steed and Mrs Peel give a good account of themselves, but they are overpowered when more Vikings appear.

Meanwhile, the main Viking party have found exactly what they were looking for – an atomic bomb. Their leader, Venka, declares that now they can have the country at their mercy. He has Steed and Emma tied up in the main hangar and releases his falcon Aka into the building to act as guard.

Part Two - Issue 210, February 25th 1967.

THE "Avengers," John Steed and Emma Peel, are on a quiet fishing holiday on the Norfolk Broads, when they are captured by a party of fierce VIKINGS!  The mysterious Vikings then go on to steal an atomic bomb from an Air Force base, and their leader, Venka, releases his pet falcon to hover on guard over Steed and Mrs. Peel.The Avengers - Diana comic #210

A signal from across the bay leads the Vikings out of the hangar. Mrs Peel grabs at a burning torch with her feet and slowly manages to get it round her back to her wrists where, despite the pain from the heat, she manages to burn away the rope and free herself. After she frees Steed he knocks some sense into the falcon with his umbrella.

The base is now deserted, and the telephones don’t work, but the Avengers discover an old bi-plane which they plan to use to get to the nearest town to warn people that an atomic bomb has been stolen. Steed takes to the air and they head for the nearest village. Unfortunately, when they get there the place seems to be deserted. They have a look around the hotel, and Steed trips over a Viking helmet. As he does, he rucks the carpet, revealing a trapdoor in the floor. When they open it, Steed and Emma observe a group of men changing from Viking costumes into modern apparel. Next to them is the atomic bomb.

Part Three - Issue 211, March 4th 1967.

A black day for Vikings!
WHILE on holiday on the Norfolk Broads, the "Avengers", John Steed and Emma Peel, fall foul of an army of VIKINGS!  Steed and Mrs Peel follow the Vikings to a deserted hotel in a tiny village, and from a trapdoor above the cellar, the Avengers see that the Vikings are ordinary men in disguise - but these "ordinary men" have just stolen an atomic bomb from a nearby air base!.

The Avengers - Diana #211The Vikings want autonomous Viking rule for the village they live in, and are prepared to go to any ends to achieve their aim. They leave the cellar to rally their supporters, leaving only one guard with the atomic bomb. Steed knocks him out and disguises himself in the man’s costume. He tells Mrs. Peel that he is going to join the Vikings for a sail, and asks her to notify the authorities about what is going on.

The Vikings fill the long boat, and begin to row through the broads towards their village. Venka announces that they are to turn the village over to Viking rule. As Steed rows, his beard slips off and he is recognised from earlier by Venka.

In the meantime, Mrs. Peel has contacted the authorities. They have begun to defuse the bomb. Their commander tells Mrs. Peel that it is time they found Steed.

Venka has had Steed tied to the mast of a smaller, otherwise empty, long boat. They set him adrift and start to give him an impromptu Viking funeral by throwing burning torches into the boat. Suddenly, a helicopter appears above, signalling the police and naval patrols to the area. The Vikings are brought under control. In the meantime, Emma is lowered from the helicopter to liberate Steed. She suggests that they resume their holiday.

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