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The Avengers in Diana comic: Story Five

Part One - Issue 212, March 10th 1967

A Thrilling New adventure with THE AVENGERS begins today.
ON a sunny afternoon, the "Avengers", John Steed and Emma Peel, sit in a London Park discussing a special case they have been trying to solve - involving a series of clever jewel robberies.

The Avengers - Diana #212Steed and Emma are sitting in a London park discussing a recent series of jewel robberies. In one crime the door to a room was heavily barred and guarded; the only entrance a tiny window in the roof. Nearby, a young boy set his model boat across the pond next to the pair. It drifted near them, and the boy asked Steed to send it back to him. Steed reached over with his rolled umbrella and as he touched the boat it blew up with huge force, knocking Steed back into Mrs Peel.

Mrs Peel sets off in pursuit of the boy, and catches up with him at the far side of the park. She grabs him and insists that he tells her what he is up to. He pulls a toy gun from inside his coat and aims it at Mrs. Peel, threatening to shoot. She scoffs, saying that it is only a toy. He fires and a jet of pink liquid hits her straight in the face. She sank to the ground as if drugged.

The boy headed off through the centre of London, finally arriving at a big toy store. He headed inside and entered a back room. There, he pulled off his mask to reveal an adult face. He was a circus midget. A mirror on the wall began to flash and the face of a woman appeared. She addresses the man as Jorgo and commands him to come to the conference room to make his report. He tells her and the other six dwarfs that he has given Steed and Mrs Peel a warning of their intentions, and that they will not interfere again. She praises him and says that she, Black Heart, and her Seven Dwarfs will show London the Crime of the Century.

Part Two - Issue 213, March 17th 1967

A walking, talking Teddy Bear
THE "Avengers," John Steed and Emma Peel, are investigating a series of mysterious jewel thefts.  As yet, they do not know that the culprits are the sinister Black Heart and her Seven Dwarfs.  Owner of an exclusive toy shop, Black Heart uses seven circus midgets, cleverly disguised as children to carry out her daring thefts.   In her office, Black Heart shows the dwarfs her latest toy - a scale model of The Avengers The Avengers - Diana #213seated in Steed's vintage Bentley.

In her office Black Heart shows her men her latest toy – a scale model of Steed and Mrs Peel in Steed’s Bentley. She crushes the model underfoot and the "Seven Dwarfs" dance around it maniacally.

Later, as Steed and Emma pass the toy shop, Steed spies the boy who had tried to blow him up the previous day. He pursues him down an alley – seeing that it is a dead end, the dwarf makes a mighty leap to grab an iron bar high up the wall and swings trapeze artist-like into the next alley, thwarting Steed.

Steed and Mrs. Peel study the evening newspapers and note that another daring jewel theft has occurred. After Steed has left, Mrs Peel is getting ready for bed. Behind her, unseen, a ventilation grill is silently lifted. As she sleeps, one of the Seven Dwarfs enters and disguises himself as one of Mrs Peel’s teddy bears.

The next day, Steed calls round early and suggests that they investigate the toy shop they saw the boy emerging from. Emma is to enter the front way, Steed the back. When the pair have left, the man in the teddy bear suit leapt into action and called Black Heart to inform him of The Avengers’ action. She decides to set a trap.

Part Three - Issue 214, March 24th 1967

In which Steed and Mrs Peel find trouble in store!
THE 'Avengers', John Steed and Emma Peel, are investigating a series of daring jewel thefts.  They are not aware that the thieves are Black Heart and the Seven Dwarfs - a beautiful but cruel woman and seven circus midgets who commit the robberies while cleverly disguised as children.  One afternoon, the Avengers arrive as a big toy store where they suspect the thieves might have their headquarters

The Avengers arrive at the toy shop in Steed’s Bentley. From a window they are observed by Black Heart. She is intending to teach them a lesson they will never forget. They split up – Steed heads round the back and Emma enters the shop using the main entrance. As she does, a little girl loses control of her toy pram and asks Mrs. Peel to stop it. As she grabbed the handle of the pram, her hand was mysteriously magnetised to it. She is dragged along the street and down a ramp which had suddenly opened in the pavement to the rear of the shop.

Inside, the little girl unmasks to reveal one of Black Heart’s Seven Dwarfs. She takes a look into her crystal ball, which contains a special closed-circuit television. Steed appears in it. He has entered the store from the rear, not knowing that his every move has been observed.

A young boy bumps into Steed. He is carrying a large beach ball and crying. Steed asks what’s wrong and the boy explains that he has lost his young sister. He asks Steed to look after his ball while he makes a phone call. The boy moves away, a cunning glint in his eye. At one of the toy counters he picks up a dart gun and fires it at the beach ball. Sleeping gas oozes from the punctured ball. Steed slumps to the floor unconscious.

When he awakes he finds himself in a cellar with Emma next to him. She too is recovering after being drugged. They go to stand up and immediately crash to the floor. They have roller skates on their feet. Laughter fills the room – Black Heart and her rotten corps move from out of the shadows. Steed realises that the midgets were the only people small and agile enough to gain access to the various burglary sites. Black Heart congratulates him on his excellent deduction and tells him that they will be going nowhere as the metal floor they are on is magnetised and the skates are firmly fitted to their feet.

Part Four - Issue 215, March 31st 1967

Things look black for Black Heart.
"THE AVENGERS", John Steed and Emma Peel, are prisoners of Black Heart and the Seven Dwarfs - a beautiful but cruel woman who uses seven circus midgets to commit daring robberies while cleverly disguised as children.  Steed and Mrs Peel are in the basement of Black Heart's toy shop, held captive by special roller-skates magnetised to the all-metal floor.

The Avengers - Diana #215Steed and Mrs Peel are able to move around the metal floor with their skates on but they are unable to lift their feet. Steed lifts a packing case, and the pair use it as a battering ram against a door at the far end of the cellar. The momentum takes The Avengers through as well, off the metal floor, and they are able to take the skates off quite easily now. They head up to Black Heart’s office to look for clues about her next move.

Emma finds instructions and a plan about how to carry out a robbery on a building which Steed recognises as Beauville Castle – where a priceless collection of French Royal jewellery was on show. They head off – an ‘X’ on the map shows them the exact spot where Black Heart is heading for.

Meanwhile, Black Heart and the Seven Dwarfs have gained access to Beauville Castle by disguising themselves as a school teacher and her pupils. Steed and Mrs Peel and decide to use Black Heart’s cunning against her – this time it is they who know where their enemies plans. After the crooks have carried out their robbery, Mrs Peel leaps into action and knocks Black Heart into submission. At the rear of the Castle, Steed is waiting by the secret passage where the dwarfs are due to emerge from. As they do he knocks out each one as they emerge.

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