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The Growing Up of Emma Peel in June comic

"Daring and pretty secret agent Emma Peel... week after week you thrill to her adventures in A.B.C. Television's "The Avengers".  Now, for the first time, we're telling the story of Emma as a girl."

This strip first appeared in June and Schoolfriend issue 52, January 29, 1966 and ran for a further eleven instalments, concluding in issue 63, April 16, 1966.  It features the fourteen-year old Emma Knight, as she was then, and her father, the shipping magnate, Sir John Knight.  Emma is being taught judo by a Chinese chef on her Father's yacht, and she also has a strong interest in the latest fashions.  She and her Father are visiting the 'small middle eastern country of Fezra' when Emma becomes embroiled in an adventure with the beautiful Princess Asha.Emma Knight demonstrates an early interest in fashion.

The strip was usually two pages long, but the first part, in issue 52 runs for two and a half pages.

This strip was running concurrently with The Avengers strip in TV Comic.  A great effort was obviously being made to gain the show a more youthful audience - with a move away from the kinkiness and black-leather of the Cathy Gale period and towards the more deliberately 'feminine' fashion period of Emma Peel and her 'Emma Peelers'.

The outfit Emma wears in the first couple of instalments was one which was seen on her older self in the TV show (and which, in the strip, she has designed for herself).

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