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Steed and Mrs. Peel in TV Comic: Story Four

Steed and Mrs Peel do the 'ton' in issue 736


Issues: 736 to 740, January 22nd to February 19th 1966.  Each part is two pages.

Part One - Issue 736, January 22nd 1966:
STRANGE things are happening in a distant part of Europe.  British agent Alpha 1 crouches in a lonely spot waiting for a small, two-seater plane...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Two - Issue 737, January 29th 1966:
BRITISH agent Alpha 1 seems to have disappeared in mid-air.  His plane has crashed on the landing but there is nobody in it and Steed wants to know if it had been tracked by radar...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Three - Issue 738, February 5th 1966:
BRITISH agent Alpha 1 has been kidnapped and is in the hands of Grenfell, a scientist.   Steed and Emma make plans to rescue him.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Four - Issue 739, February 12th 1966:
Details unavailable for this issue.

Written by ?, drawn by ?

Part Five - Issue 740, February 19th 1966:
BRITISH agent Alpha 1 and Grenfell, a scientist, have been
The Avengers take their orders from The Colonelhypnotised by foreign agents at Grenfell House.  Emma Peel chases them as they leave the laboratory...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams


British Agent Alpha One goes missing in mid-air - his disappearance is investigated by Steed and Mrs. Peel.  Its worth noting that mysterious disappearances during Part One are an over-used tool in these strips.

This time, we actually get to see 'The Colonel' (#736, page 1, panel 4).  There may also be an in-joke in this story, as Steed and Mrs. Peel "...arrive at their destination - a lonely RAF post in Norfolk".   The explanation for the disappearance of Alpha One is in keeping with the early Avengers insistence on relative plausibility - he's not been transported away he's simply been forced to bail out.  It's also worth noting that Mrs. Peel is much more 'hands on' in this story.

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