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Steed and Mrs. Peel in TV Comic: Story Seven


Issues: 751 to 755, May 7th to June 4th 1966.  Each part is two pages.

Part One - Issue 751, May 7th 1966:
ONCE again John Steed and Mrs. Peel have been sent on an important mission by the Colonel.  They are hurrying from London in Steed's vintage Bentley.Steed and Peel try to control the cheetahs from issue 751

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Two - Issue 752, May 14th 1966:
JOHN STEED and Mrs. Peel are trying to deliver two cheetahs, the pets of Sheik Abdul of Samara, to their owner at a London hotel.  But the Sheik seems terrified of the Animals...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Three - Issue 753, May 21st 1966:
Details are not available for this issue.

Written by ?, drawn by ?.

Issue 753Part Four - Issue 754, May 28th 1966:
JOHN STEED is rescuing Sheik Abdul from  a water-filled cellar.  The Sheik has been chained there by his half-brother Yussuf.  Yussuf aims to take control of the Sheikdom of Samara and sell its oil to a foreign power...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Five - Issue 755, June 4th 1966:
YUSSUF, the villainous half-brother of Sheik Abdul, has been thrown into the river when the elephant he is riding is chased by Shah and Sultan, Abdul's pet cheetahs.  But the foreign agent he was trying to sell oil to menaces Steed and Abdul with a gun...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.



Steed and Mrs. Peel are sent on 'an important mission by The Colonel' - to collect two cheetahs which belong to Sheikh Abdul of Samara.  However, the Sheikh has been substituted for a double, his half-brother Yussuf.

Steed has a hacksaw in the end of his umbrella in this story - Holy Gadgetry!  I'm sure they would have given him shark repellent spray if they thought it necessary.

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