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Steed and Ms. King in TV Comic: Story Fifteen


Issues: 970 to 977, July 18th to September 5th 1970

Part One - Issue 970, July 18th 1970:
Steed, Tara and Mother wait for a view of the Delta Five-Zero in TV Comic #970ONE day, John Steed and Tara King accompany Mother, the head of their Secret Service Organisation to an air display given by the Royal Air Force.  The main event is to be a demonstration of Britain's new vertical takeoff bomber.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Steed, Tara and Mother are at an air show to see a demonstration of Britain’s new vertical takeoff bomber, the Delta Five-Zero. The aircraft starts to make its approach but a huge rainstorm moves in and the plane is dragged upwards and out of contact. After a few minutes, the storm moves out to sea and the aircraft is nowhere to be seen. Steed is reading some information from a meteorological device and tells Mother that there was indeed something very strange about the storm.

Part Two - Issue 971, July 25th 1970:
STEED, Tara King, and Mother are at an air display given by the R.A.F. when Britain's latest bomber, the Delta Five-Zero is caught in a freak storm and vanishes...

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

According to the meteorological device, the storm was not predicted. It formed just off the coast, moved briefly inland, and then vanished back off out to sea. Steed suggests that the cloud behaved as if it was being guided. Mother tells Steed to consult Britain’s leading meteorologist, Dr. Weatherby about the cloud. They head off towards the little Hampshire village where the doctor lives, passing evidence of the storm along the way.

When they get to the village they are told by a police constable that they can go no further as the village is half under water due to the storm. The Avengers identify themselves and the constable rows them into the village. As he does he tells the duo that after the storm had moved out he saw a great big plane take off from the old disused airfield beyond the village – an odd-looking plane, like a huge flying wing. Tara wonders whether the storm could have brought the Delta Five-Zero down with it, but if it did, why did the pilot not make contact with the authorities. They get to Dr. Weatherby’s house. It is empty and the laboratory has been ransacked.

Steed and Tara find that Dr. Weatherby's house has been ransacked - TV Comic #972Part Three - Issue 972, August 1st 1970:
DELTA FIVE-ZERO, Britain's latest bomber, has vanished in a mysterious storm.  Steed and Tara King think that Dr. Weatherby, a famous meteorologist, may help to solve the mystery.  But the village where the doctor lives has been flooded, and the doctor himself has disappeared and his laboratory has been ransacked...

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

The house has not been ransacked long ago as the ink spilled is still wet. The safe has been cleared, but whoever did it must have known the combination for the lock. The radio is still on, and it is tuned to the weather forecast. More abnormal weather conditions are being reported – this time around Fair Isle. They dig around the house a bit more and Tara discovers a map which has a line drawn from where they are up to the area of Scotland where the freak weather conditions are currently occurring. They realise that it cannot be a coincidence and so begin the long journey by road up to Scotland. Despite it being high summer, it is getting colder and colder the further north they get until, at the Kyle of Errol, the snow storms hit.

Part Four - Issue 973, August 8th 1970:
JOHN STEED and Tara King are investigating the disappearance of Britain's latest bomber.   Freak storms are occurring in the British Isles, and Doctor Weatherby, a famous meteorologist, has also vanished - the trail leads to northern Scotland.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Tara in her souwester - TV Comic #973The snow-covered village seems to be deserted when Steed and Tara pull in. They find the jetty and try to get a boat to take them to the island of Morag Skerry. The islanders are worried that there is a second ice age coming and they won’t take a boat out because something strange is happening out to the north. Steed and Tara realise that the only way they can get to Morag Skerry is to hire a trawler and crew it themselves. Which they do. After they have been going for about an hour they hit and ice flow and come to a dead stop.

Part Five - Issue 974, August 15th 1970:
WHILE investigating the disappearance of Delta Five-Zero, Britain's latest bomber, Steed and Tara visit northern Scotland, where summer seems to have turned into winter.  They sail north in a trawler for the island Morag Skerry, but are trapped in a frozen sea.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Part Six - Issue 975, August 22nd 1970:  
STEED and Tara King are investigating the disappearance of Doctor Weatherspoon and Britain's latest bomber.  The trail leads to an island off the north coast of Scotland which appears to be in the depths of an arctic winter although it is midsummer.  They find the missing bomber, but are then trapped in a cave.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Part Seven - Issue 976, August 29th 1970:
STEED and Tara King have discovered that Doctor Weatherby has established a weather control centre on an island off the north coast of Scotland, and is being paid by a foreign power to produce a second Ice-Age to paralyse Britain.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Steed and Tara are being held at gunpoint by Dr. Weatherby’s assistants. They are led to a cell where they are greeted by the crew of the Delta Five-Zero who are also being held captive. The airmen tell the Avengers that there is no chance of escape. There is a television in the cell and on it they can see that the arctic conditions have now spread across the whole country. Steed and Tara realise that they have to get out of there to stop Dr. Weatherby. Steed starts a fire in the ventilator shaft so that when the smoke is spotted the villains will rush in and they can be jumped. Dr. Weatherby is dubious because his fire alarm has not sounded. He advises caution. The R.A.F. men jump the first villain to come through the door and everybody rushes out, only to be greeted by Dr. Weatherby and his assistant aiming guns at them. He instructs them to come with him to the control room so they can witness his final triumph.

Part Eight - Issue 977, September 5th 1970
STEED and Tara King discover that Britain's latest bomber, the Delta Five-Zero, has been taken to an island off Scotland.  There they are captured by a Doctor Weatherby who is in the pay of a foreign power and has constructed a weather control machine which is bringing arctic conditions to Britain.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Dr. Weatherby says that when he powers-up the machine nothing will be able to save Britain from being entombed in ice. Steed knocks away the gun of the assistant covering him and makes a lunge for Dr. Weatherby. Righting himself, the assistant fires and accidentally destroys the control panel. Dr. Weatherby says that this will destroy the whole island. They all rush to Delta Five-Zero and take off just as the island explodes. With the machine destroyed, the weather has returned to its seasonal summer splendour, but Steed and Tara cannot go out until they have finished their report on the weather machine.

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