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Steed and Ms. King in TV Comic: Story Four: The Museum Mystery


Issues: 896 to 901, February 15th to March 22nd 1966.

Mother shows Steed a newspaper headline in TV Comic 896Part One - Issue 896, February 15th 1969:
JOHN STEED and Tara King are on the top deck of a London bus.  A bus with a difference, for it is the mobile headquarters of Britain's most secret force.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Steed and Tara are meeting with Mother in his top secret double decker bus headquarters. He shows them a newspaper which has a headline story about the discovery of some Roman artefacts of dubious age. He tells them that G.R.I.D., the government’s Gamma Ray Indication Device - a unique machine that measures the age of an object with amazing accuracy – is being loaned to Professor Wyckham, who discovered the artefacts. They go to the British Museum to use the device – guards are posted at all entrances.

Steed introduces himself to the Professor. He shows them the artefacts, one of which seems to be some kind of coffin. G.R.I.D. is put into place and as the experiment commences, Wyckham whispers to his colleague that G.R.I.D. will soon be his.

Part Two - Issue 897, February 22nd 1969:
GRID is a top secret device for measuring the age of an object.  It is being used in a museum to date some Roman remains found by Professor Theodore Wyckham and is in the charge of John Steed and Tara King.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

As the experiment will take some time, Steed suggests to Tara that they take a walk. They monkey around various exhibits. In the meantime, in the Roman gallery, as the first readings begin to come through, the lights are switched off and the room is plunged into darkness. There is a noisy struggle, and Steed and Tara hurry back. When they turn the lights back on, Professor Wyckham is holding his head as if he has been struck, and G.R.I.D. Is missing.

Part Three - Issue 898, March 1st 1969:
WHILST being used in a museum to check the age of some Roman remains discovered by Professor Wyckham, a top secret instrument called GRID is stolen.  This is a great shock for John Steed and Tara King, who are responsible for its safety.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

The Professor is relieved that his artefacts have not been taken. Tara tells Steed that they can trace G.R.I.D.’s movements by using a Geiger counter, which would pick up its trace energy. She and Steed each take a Geiger counter and head in opposite directions. They both draw a blank, but Tara surmises that the machine must be being shielded. She remembers the Roman coffin, and when she opens it up the Geiger counter begins to beep. Looking inside, she sees something that makes her cry out for help.

The intruder is chased in TV Comic #900Part Four - Issue 899, March 8th 1969:
GRID, a highly top secret instrument, has vanished inside a museum where it is checking the age of some remains discovered by Professor Wyckham.  Just as Tara King finds GRID hidden inside a lead casket, she is attacked...

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Steed hears Tara's cries for help and goes upstairs to look for her.  He enters the room where he thinks the cries came from and is confused when she is not there.  He spies her Geiger Counter on the floor and calls her again.  As he does a sarcophagus falls on top of him and a dazed Tara rolls out.

Part Five - Issue 900, March 15th 1969:
A SECRET device called G.R.I.D. disappears inside a museum whilst being used to date some Roman remains discovered by a Professor Wyckham.  Tara King traces it but is attacked.  When John Steed goes to her aid, a mummy case falls on top of him.   Who should be in the case but Tara.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Steed helps Tara out of the mummy case and she explains that she found G.R.I.D. inside the lead casket, but she was banged on the head by someone in a witch doctor’s mask and locked in the mummy case. They check the lead casket, and find that G.R.I.D. has been moved again. Steed says that the thieves will have a problem getting the machine out of the museum, unless they have disguised it as something else.

They head off for the basement storerooms, but on their way through the ground floor the man in the witch doctor’s mask attempts to crush them under a huge statue. He runs to the basement, with the Avengers in swift pursuit.

Steed and Tara set off in pursuit of the uneatable - TV Comic #901Part Six - Issue 901, March 22nd 1969:
JOHN STEED and Tara King are hot on the trail of the missing top secret device called G.R.I.D.  It has vanished whilst being used in a museum to check the age of some Roman remains discovered by a Professor Wyckham.  They chase a man who attacked them down to the museum's basement.

Written by unknown, drawn by John Canning.

Steed and Tara pursue the man into the murky basement, which is full of strange exhibits. As they look around, another masked man leaps out an attempts to bash Steed on the head. He pulls down a large urn with his umbrella, covering the man. The man with the witch doctor mask now makes his attempt, but Tara throws him into a large container. The pair are unmasked as Professor Wyckham and his assistant. The Roman remains are all fakes, constructed to give the pair a chance to steal G.R.I.D. A further search, and the machine is reclaimed.


This is one of the few stories that have a title.  The previous issue's Coming Next Week details at the bottom of the page read "An all action new Avengers' story starts next week - The Museum Mystery!"

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