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The Avengers

(Tara King, published by Atlas Publishing and Distributing Co Ltd, 1968)

The Avengers Annual 1968

Story Details

Driving down The King's Road, Steed sees so many faces, they come from many places, they come out for the day...

Comic Strip One; 'Clothes Make The Man', illustrated by John Stokes (uncredited).  Steed is jumped by a nefarious tailor, who disguises himself as the super agent and takes his place to try to get photos of a new and deadly tank.  Nine pages - black, white and orange print.

Map Ref 41 degrees N 93 degrees W

Comic Strip Two: 'Are You A Clansman, Mr. Steed...?', illustrated by John Stokes (uncredited).  The Avengers go grouse hunting (boo, but Steed is wearing a rather fetching headcoat) in Scotland where they encounter an extreme case of Scottish Nationalism.  Twelve pages - black, white and orange print.

Tara hands out a 'handbagging'

Comic Strip Three: 'Mary, Mary...', illustrated by John Stokes (uncredited).  Steed and Tara battle a new menace - giant man-eating plants.  Ten pages - black, white and green print.

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