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The Avengers

(Tara King, published by Atlas Publishing Company Ltd, 1969)

The Avengers Annual 1969

Story Details

Steed and Tara find a Guy Fawkes outside Steed's pad

Comic Strip One; Good Guys and Bad Guys.   Steed and Tara face the mysterious 'Fawkes', a foreign agent with a grudge against Steed who is prepared to go to any lengths to gain his revenge. Nine pages - black, white and orange print.  Note: Why October 30th?   Bonfire Night is November 5, and this story appears to take place over a single day.

Mother keeps it real

Comic Strip Two: "May I Have This Trance?"....  A series of recurring dreams force Steed onto a holiday in Paris with Tara in tow.  Here he encounters the mysterious powers of the occult.  Twelve pages - black, white and orange print.


Comic Strip Three: "Thou'rt An Interfering Vartlet, Mr. Steed".  Steed and Tara lock horns with the all-too-real ghost of Sir Villiers - in reality a dangerous mad scientist with a terrible new weapon.  Ten pages - black, white and green print.

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