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Steed and Mrs. Peel in TV Comic: Story One

Steed and Mrs Peel, TV Comic #720


Issues: 720 to 725, October 2nd to November 6th 1965.  Each part is two pages.

Part One - Issue 720, October 2nd 1965:
STARTING today... the first in an exciting series of adventures of John Steed, the famous television undercover government agent, assisted by another defender of justice, Mrs. Emma Peel.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Off for a drive in the country, Steed and Mrs. Peel are caught in a traffic jam in the centre of London.  In a top floor office near to where they are sitting, Mr. Mugg is sitting at his desk, gloating over a briefcase in front of him which has been stolen to order by a second, younger man, Slim.
Suddenly the door of Mugg's office opens and a trio of men, their faces hidden by bandages, demand the briefcase from Mugg as it contains some plans they want.
There is a struggle and the briefcase goes through the window, along with a wastepaper basket, ending up on top of Steed and Mrs. Peel in the Bentley.
Steed notices the open window and heads up to the office to 'have a word' with the owner of the wastepaper basket.  He is seen approaching the office by one of the disguised men and is knocked out by a blow from the butt of a gun.  The villains head down the stairs, taking off their disguises as they descend, to the Bentley where Mrs. Peel sits oblivious...

The thrills are thick and fast in next week's Avengers.

Part Two - Issue 721, October 9th 1965:
RIVAL spies are fighting for a briefcase containing important plans.  The case has been thrown from an office window into the back seat of Steed's vintage Bentley.   Steed appears to have been knocked out in the fight ... but ...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Mrs Peel from TV Comic #722Part Three - Issue 722, October 16th 1965:
GOVERNMENT agent John Steed is on the trail of stolen plans... his search leads him to a fair-ground, where his assistant, Emma Peel, has been kidnapped.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Four - Issue 723, October 23rd 1965:
STEED has rescued Emma Peel from the caravan in which Karloff has imprisoned her.   But they still must recover the plans of the nuclear reactor that Karloff has hidden in his belt.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Five - Issue 724, October 30th 1965:
Foreign agent Yanto Colino has seized the plans of a new nuclear reactor and has boarded a fairground ghost train, but Emma Peel is close behind him...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.

Part Six - Issue 725, November 6th 1965:
JOHN STEED has tracked down plans stolen by the spy, Yanto... suddenly a rival gang of foreign agents arrive on the scene.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams.


In this story, Steed and Emma encounter two sets of spies, one led by the fat and bald Mr. Mugg (he is later referred to as Yanto Colino), the other comprising a trio of Eastern European strong-arm men called 'The Benders' (again, they are later referred to by a different name - 'King Karloff and his Human Pyramid').  The spies are competing for possession of plans for a 'new nuclear reactor'.

Emma is characterised as Steed's assistant (very Dr. Who), and is portrayed as very much the 'damsel in distress'.  She is pictured wearing the Kangol 'Target' beret from 'The Town Of No Return'; obviously the impact of the fashions extended to even the comic strips.

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