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Steed and Mrs. Peel in TV Comic: Story Two

Emma anticipates trouble in issue 726


Issues: 726 to 730, November 13th to December 11th 1965.  Each part is two pages.

Part One - Issue 726, November 13th 1965:
STARTING today.  Another action-packed serial in the adventures of John Steed, the undercover government agent and his assistant, Mrs. Emma Peel.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Two - Issue 727, November 20th 1965:
James Harmon, an important scientist, has mysteriously disappeared in a flash of light.  Emma Peel informs Steed in the Egyptian room of the museum.  Suddenly a valuable piece is shattered, and while Emma makes her escape, Steed hides in a mummy case.   Emma later makes contact with Steed by radio and he makes his getaway, terrifying the guarding policeman...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Three - Issue 728, November 27th 1965:
STEED and Emma have been trapped by the spies who have caused the disappearance of James Harmon, an important scientist.  The spies are using a strange new weapon.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Everything is nicely wrapped up in issue 730Part Four - Issue 729, December 4th 1965:
STEED and Emma are escaping from the spies, Franz and Helmut, by way of an underground river.  Franz thinks they are swimming and will be drowned in the poisonous water... but...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Five - Issue 730, December 11th 1965:
TRAPPED on a houseboat with the spies, Franz and Helmut, who have captured the British scientist James Harmon, Steed sets the houseboat adrift so that the spies cannot reach their motor yacht...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams


There is more of a reliance on James Bond-style technical gadgets to help the plot along in these stories.  In the previous story, Mrs. Peel has a 'listening device', in this one Steed '...always carries his radio gadget'.  Mrs. Peel's outfit is one which she wears in the show (episode...)

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