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Steed and FRS Peel in TV Comic: Story Three

Introducing 'The Colonel', from issue 731


Issues: 731 to 735, December 18th 1965 to January 15th 1966.  Each part is two pages.

Part One - Issue 731, December 18th 1965:
STRANGE glowing objects have been appearing in the sky over London.  They are like huge fireballs and have been called "Flying Saucers"...but...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Two - Issue 732, December 25th 1965:
STEED and FRS Peel have been following a strange "Fireball" controlled by somebody whom the colonel calls a "Madman".  But Steed's vintage Bentley has run into a snowdrift...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Steed and Emma trapped by a robot in issue 733Part Three - Issue 733, January 1st 1966:
COUNT VORO tries to get rid of Steed and Emma with a "Fireball", but they destroy his TV camera and he cannot see them on the moors.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Four - Issue 734, January 8th 1966:
GOVERNMENT agents Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel are trapped by Count Voro, who calls himself Firemaster of the World, and are threatened by a robot figure...

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams

Part Five - Issue 735, January 15th 1966:
TRAPPED in the underground power room of Count Voro, Steed and Emma hide in the empty shells of two of the count's robots.

Written by ?, drawn by Pat Williams


Here we learn that Steed and FRS Peel have a superior called 'The Colonel'.  (Yes, Steed AND FRS Peel, as she doesn't appear to be the 'talented amateur' of the TV show in these strips).  In a nod to a typical Avengers cliché, Steed and FRS Peel go to a pub and enjoy a bottle of champagne.

The use of robots and costumed heavies is a definite move away from the cultured confusion of the TV show, although it is a direction the show itself began to move in during the two colour seasons.

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